Baptism, Communion, Confirmation Invites, Cards & Favors

Communions, Confirmations, Baptisms, OH MY....Weddings, Mother's Day, Thank You, Anniversary and MORE!

Holy Moly, Spring has sprung in full force here in my studio, (glad we are not a cam, tis a mess!) so, so, SO much going on! It is so exciting, so fun but so BUSY!! Wanted to share some new cards and gifts with you for your Spring needs.

Some new pricing:

Cards I make for you

each $2.00

8 cards $15.00

12 cards $20.00

Cards I pre cut and stamp for you to put together:

8 cards $12.00

12 cards $15.00

You can pick your assortments to your own needs, however you must take the cards in groups of 2 unless other arrangements have been made (say a 100th Birthday LOL), Any card can be made into any other special day, so if it says Birthday it can be Mother's Day and vice a versa....

That said here is the more of April's Cards

Communion, Confirmation, Baptism...

P1010008 , click to enlarge

Wedding, Wedding Shower

P1010009 , click to enlarge

Anniversary, Thank you, Blank inside note cards

P1010012 ,click to enlarge

The beginning of Mother's Day, again can be birthday or what ever you need, also if you need special Mother's Day like Grandma, Aunt, etc. just let me know!


P1010014 ,click to enlarge

TOO CUTE!! Paper purses, perfect for Mother's Day, Special Birthday, graduation etc! Comes with a bag of candy and a mini card for your occasion, can be personalized $6.00 complete

P1013219, click to enlarge

Invitations for all of your needs!

P1010016 , click to enlarge


P1010018 ,click to enlarge


Picture Frames for all of your needs

Graduation ,click to enlarge

Baby Frames, Weight, Date can be added

P1013254 , click to enlarge
 OK? That should keep you busy for a bit!

Looking forward to helping you with all of your card and gift needs!