April 23 Newsletter

Good Mornning from my mobile office on 95 south in the pouring rain ...uugghhh...Leaving PA is and always will be hard for me... my heart is in that house... even though my weather mostly sucked!! I had snow, rain, wind, heat (for 1 day) hail so I think I had every season in 2 weeks so hence I got sick! I was under the weather the whole trip pretty much. I didn’t even hardly craft! ok ok I did get some done but no where what I wanted to.. I didn’t see dear friends or my baby Skylar because I didn’t want to spread my germs... but I will be back in June, July, August & September... so I look forward to giving my studio a workout with some crafty friends! I will bring up card classes as well so watch for new cards in the works! Many of you have asked me to post pics of my home so here are some ... the door is always open if you want to stop by!



I did have some wonderful time with family, it was my DIL 30th birthday, her family came to PA for an overnight and it was just amazing! I did craft her a framed jewelry piece which I enjoyed making and will make more for orders or a class! so we had an amazing BBQ of mixed meats and vegetables and salads so very yummy! So they went to the Lancaster market and seen some sites of Lancaster, as well as Shady Maple, The Good Store & Flower Warehouse! they had a full day! I can not wait for them to return!



I am looking forward to getting home today I will have an extra day home and at studio to finish up some orders for Expo and to pack up to go to Expo! So I will be around Tuesday & Wednesday as well as Thursday Morning if you need anything before I head out to Scrapbook Expo! WOO HOO! Looking forward to hearing from all of you over this time!